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Super DirtCar Series: Stars and Stripes Results!

July 6, 2010

This weekends Super DirtCar series race took place in Weedsport, NY at the Rolling Wheels Raceway Park.

The results came in and the top five racers are listed below:

Driver  – Team                                                                        Points                                 Winnings

Matt Sheppard – Brownell Racing 9s Mod                            110                                          $6000

Brett Hearn – Madsen Motorsports 20 Mod                           103                                         $4000

Billy Decker Mod – LJL Racing 91 Mod                                   95                                           $2500

Gary Tomkins – Honeoye Auto Parts Racing 84 Mod         95                                           $1800

Danny Johnson – Thompson Motorsports 27J                     85                                           $1600

To see more racers results, find them here.

Overall points to date and overall winnings for the Super DirtCar Series can be found at Super DirtCar Series website.


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