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Racer World Interview: Garrett Marchant

July 8, 2010

Garrett Marchant is a young racer building his career in North Carolina. He aspires to one day race in NASCAR.

Racer World: Tell us about yourself.

Garrett Marchant: My name is Garrett Marchant I live in Roanoke Rapids NC, I am 13 years old ,and I am going into the 8th grade.

It is his first year racing.

RW: How’d you get started into racing? Family history?

GM:To be honest with you I just told my dad about three years ago I wanted to go racing and he was more than supportive. I am from a family of racers. My Grandfather raced, my Dad raced and now I am carrying on the family tradition. So it wasn’t too hard to get into racing for me.

RW: Take us back to your early success? Who’s helped you get to where you are?

GM: I have been very happy with my early success. In my first five races I have a worst finish of sixth and I have already knocked out that win so I am very happy. I’m excited to see what we can do throughout the season. My Dad, My Grandfather and Tom Elliott have really helped me with my success so far!

RW: Tell us about your car(s)? What are you running? Who builds your cars?

GM: The division I race in you can race any 4 or 6 Cylinder car with a Stock Engine. I run a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier. My grandad, dad, Tom Elliott, and myself are the main ones that build the cars.

RW: What’s the toughest part about being a young driver? Any suggestions to up and coming drivers?

GM: The toughest part would have to be to not be scared because of the speeds you are running and all plus you can’t be scared to bump and bang a little so I would say that’s the hardest part, but if you aren’t you can be very successful! My advice would be as I mentioned to not be scared and to just have fun and enjoy yourself, because if you are not having fun it makes it like a job and you will run worse.

RW: Favorite track to race at?

GM: I honestly do not have a favorite yet. I like the Coastal Plains Raceway because it is a fast and pretty easy track to get around. On the other hand I like the East Carolina Motor Speedway because it is just as fast, it is smaller, and it’s a really hard track to race. But really I just like the track I’m racing at the weekend of the race at that track.

RW: Is it difficult to race and stay on top of schoolwork?

GM: It actually isn’t for me since I am homeschooled, but for someone in Public Schools I could see how it would be very hard for them.

RW: Any off-track training regimen you stick to?

GM: To be honest with you I do not, but I do try to go swimming, walking, or something so when I hop inside the cockpit the racecar won’t ” kick my butt” as I like to say.

RW: Where can fans find more information about you?

GM: If fans would like to find out more about me they can first of all check out my website they can follow me on Twitter and they can become a fan on Facebook.

RW: Any sponsors you want to plug?

GM: Of course! I would like to thank: Adams Lawn and Landscapes, Roanoke Rapids MonaVie, Howard Tire Shop, Hugo Auto Sales, Carolina Service Center, Plaid Racing, Easy Muffler Shop, and Also I have to thank God and my family for everything they have done for me!

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